Print, Matte, Frame, Repeat

Long Walk

Picture of El Morro in Old San Juan Puerto Rico


Print, matte  frame and repeat. In the digital era people often wonder why I still bother to print out my work and go through the time, effort and expense of printing. There is a pigment ink printer and its expense cartridges, paper, buying mattes, archival mounting tape, lint free gloves and frames. Not to mention all the time spent actually doing it.

Well for me the print is an important part of my photography. I just don’t think the process ends when the files are uploaded to the computer. If you stop there you are missing an important part of your work. An image popping off of luster paper for the first time in its full resolution and perfectly sharp is a thrill. I have spent the last few days printing work to exhibit and sell at the Hablamos Espanol Expo in Elgin this weekend, I can tell you that it is still thrilling seeing your work to completion. I am willing to maintain my own printer because it allows me complete control of my artwork, from start to finish it is up to me!

Make sure you print your photos so you can see it, feel it and display it with pride. Amateur  Pro, or just someone taking photos for fun printing will bring new joy to your photos.

I will try to post up some photos from this Saturday on my twitter account @GdotArroyo.

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